About Series : Tasman Series 1909

This was Walch’s 7th series of coloured postcards to be printed by C.G. Röder of Leipzig, Germany. The earlier series were:


1905  B-24000

1905  Series G-1906

1906  Series G

1907  Series 119,000

1907  Series 120,000

1908  Tasman Series 1908


Series Content:


There were 36 cards in the series. The first 24 were reprints from the 1908 series. For the remaining 12 new photos were supplied and new printing plates made up, although some had appeared in earlier series. The cards, with the numbers assigned by the printer, are:


 139697   Government House, Hobart.

 139698   Brown’s River Road.

 139699   The Derwent Lighthouse, Hobart.

 139700   Macquarie Street, Hobart.

 139701   Huon Bridge & Picnic Hotel.

 139702   Cape Raoul.

 139703   Hobart from Bellerive.

 139704   Franklin Square, Hobart.

 139705   The Post Office, Hobart.

 139706   Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

 139707   Mt. Wellington from Huon Road.

 139708   The Shot Tower, Kingston Road.

 139709   Fern Tree Bower.

 139710   New Norfolk Bridge.

 139711   The Water Works, Hobart.

 139712   Silver Falls, Hobart.

 139713   The Bend, Huon Road.

 139714   The Pavement, Eagle Hawk Neck.

 139715   Hobart from the Crescent.

 139716   Huon Road. [Error for Huon River]

 139717   Sandy Bay from Battery Point.

 139718   Hobart from the Harbour.

 139719   Fern Tree Bower.

 139720   Brown’s River.

 139721   Round Tower, Port Arthur.

 139722   Port Arthur.

 139723   Russell Falls.

 139724   St. John’s Avenue, New Town.

 139725   The Fern Retreat.

 139726   The Clematis Hut.

 139727   The Falls Hut.

 139728   Brown’s River Beach.

 139729   Sandy Bay, Hobart.

 139730   Tasmanian Apples.

 139731   Mt Wellington from Sandy Bay.

 139732   Hobart from the Harbour.



Date published:  The order was sent to the printer by the London Agent on 30 November 1908. I have no information on the shipping date, but they would have taken several months to reach Tasmania after printing, so would have gone on sale around mid 1909. The earliest postmark date I have seen is 27 Oct 1909.


Printing:   The series was printed by C.G.  Röder in Leipzig, Germany, using their “Roders own” photolithography process. The back layout was provided in a letter dated Nov 30, 1908 (see below). There were 3,000 of each card ordered.


Number in Series: 36


Identification: The cards are identified by ‘The “Tasman Series”’ along the left margin on the back.  Printer’s numbers are in the range 139697-139732.    


History of the Series


Herbert Bishop, who was Walch’s London agent, wrote to the printer C.G. Röder on November 30, 1908: [1]


Dear Sir,


We now have pleasure in enclosing an order for 3,000 post cards each of 36 subjects in your “Roders Own” process & we shall be obliged if you will kindly let us have delivery as soon as possible.


Number 1 to 24 are reprints of those  invoiced 25th August 1908 & you hold the original photos.

Numbers 25-36 are new subjects in your “Roders Own” process & the 12 photographs we post you today.


The price for reprints we understand is 10s 6d per 1000 & for new subjects 11s 9d per 1000.


When sending us the proofs  we do not think it necessary for you to return the photographs unless you have finished with them, so please send us the whole lot when done with.


Please post 6 complete sets when ready direct to Hobart, Tasmania & 2 sets to London Office.


Yours faithfully,

Herbert Bishop


The next page contained the cost and the layout for the back of the cards:


3,000 coloured post cards each of 36 subjects = 108,000 in “Roders Own” style.


Imprint “The Tasman Series” – as invoiced 25th August.


@ 10s 9d per 1000 for Nos. 1-24 inclusive being reprints

@ 11s 9d per 1000 for Nos. 25-36 inclusive New Subjects




























Please cut up the sheets of post cards & trim as usual & band the cards in packets of 50 (of one subject).  When ready packed please forward to the order of Mr Eugen Riedent (Shipping Agent) Hamburg for shipment per steamer to Hobart.


List of 24 reprints in “Roders Own” process as invoiced 25 August


1. Government House, Hobart.

2. Brown’s River Road.

3. The Derwent Lighthouse, Hobart.

4. Macquarie Street, Hobart.

5. Huon Bridge & Picnic Hotel.

6. Cape Raoul.

7. Hobart from Bellerive.

8. Franklin Square, Hobart.

9. The Post Office, Hobart.

10. Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

11. Mt. Wellington from Huon Road.

12. The Shot Tower, Kingston Road.

13. Fern Tree Bower.

14. New Norfolk Bridge.

15. The Water Works, Hobart.

16. Silver Falls, Hobart.

17. The Bend, Huon Road.

18. The Pavement, Eagle Hawk Neck.

19. Hobart from the Crescent.

20. Huon Road. [Error for Huon River]

21. Sandy Bay from Battery Point.

22. Hobart from the Harbour.

23. Fern Tree Bower.

24. Brown’s River.


The above 24 original photographs were posted to you on 15 July, 1908 & are still in your possession.


List of original Photographs – posted this day


25. Round Tower, Port Arthur.

26. Port Arthur.

27. Russell Falls.

28. St. John’s Avenue, New Town.

29. The Fern Retreat.

30. The Clematis Hut.

31. The Falls Hut.

32. Brown’s River Beach.

33. Sandy Bay, Hobart.

34. Tasmanian Apples.

35. Mt Wellington from Sandy Bay.

36. Hobart from the Harbour.


No. 34 We send you a photo of Tasmanian Apples hand-coloured as a guide for your printing.


I can see no further correspondence relating to this series.  Presumably the proofs arrived in London and were approved, and the cards shipped from Hamburg to Tasmania. After dispatch it would have taken two months for the cards to reach Hobart




[1] Archives Office of Tasmania NS2870/1/1 Copies of invoices and orders to suppliers in England. pp. 510-513