About Series : Series 207,000

This was Walch’s 8th series of coloured postcards printed by C.G. Röder of Leipzig, Germany. The earlier series were:


1905  B-24000

1905  Series G-1906

1906  Series G

1907  Series 119,000

1907  Series 120,000

1908  Tasman Series 1908

1909  Tasman Series 1909


There are several unusual features of this 8th series when compared with earlier cards printed by C.G. Röder. There are only 12 cards in the series, but in the previous series the number of cards had increased  from 12 in 1904 up to 36 in 1909. The number ordered this time was 5,000 of each card, but it had been 2,000 or 3,000 previously. Possibly the printer offered a special price for quantities of 5,000 and Walch’s opted for the larger number printed of a lesser number of views.  Another difference from earlier series is that Walch’s imprint did not appear anywhere on the cards. The agent’s diagram of the back layout (see below) was very clear and did not include either the “Tasman Series” imprint or the J. Walch & Sons name; why we do not know.


Series Content


There were only 12 cards in the series, all of which had appeared in previous series. Original photos were provided and new printing plates made up. The cards, with the numbers assigned by the printer, are:


207455  Browns River Beach.

207456  Hobart from Bellerive.

207457  Browns River Road.

207458  Hobart from the Harbour.

207459  Port Arthur.

207460  Cape Raoul.

207461  The Post Office, Hobart.

207462  The Shot Tower, Kingston Road.

207463  Mt Wellington from Huon Road.

207464  Fern Tree Bower.

207465  Sandy Bay from Battery Point.

207466  Hobart from the Crescent.



Date Published: The order was placed with the printer on 18 October, 1909, so allowing two months for shipping, the cards probably went on sale in Hobart in early 1910.


Printing: The series was printed by C.G. Roder in Leipzig, Germany, using their “Auto Novo”  photolithography process. The back layout was provided in the letter ordering the cards (see below). There were 5,000 of each card ordered.


Number in Series: 12


Identification: There is no mention of J. Walch & Sons anywhere on the cards.  Identification relies on the printers numbers, in the range 207455 – 207466.


History of the Series


Herbert Bishop, who was Walch’s London agent, wrote to the printer C.G. Röder on 18 October, 1909 and placed the order: [1]


3000 Auto Novo Ungrained Coloured Post Cards each of the following 12 subjects

=60,000 @ 10s 9d per 1000.


1. Browns River Beach.

2. Hobart from Bellerive.

3. Browns River Road.

4. Hobart from the Harbour.

5. Port Arthur.

6. Cape Raoul.

7. The Post Office, Hobart.

8. The Shot Tower, Kingston Road.

9. Mt Wellington from Huon Road.

10. Fern Tree Bower.

11. Sandy Bay from Battery Point.

12. Hobart from the Crescent.


We are posting you today the 12 Original Photographs of the above. Also 12 coloured Post Cards (printed for us in your “Röders Own” process – 20 January 09) to aid you in the Colouring.
























Chocolate colour ink preferred.


Please cut up the sheets of post cards and trim as usual. Band the cards in packets of 50 (of one card.)


Please let us have delivery as soon as possible. & when ready packed, please forward cases marked JW Hobart to the order of Mr Eugen Roüdenberg, Shipping Agent, Hamburg for shipment per steamer to Hobart.


Please post 6 complete sets when ready direct to J. Walch & Sons, Hobart, Tasmania & also 2 sets to London Office.


I have no correspondence about approval of proofs or dispatch of the printed cards, so assume they were printed and shipped successfully. They would have arrived in Hobart in early 1910.




[1] Archives Office of Tasmania NS2870/1/1 Copies of invoices and orders to suppliers in England. pp. 549-550