About Series : Tasman Series 1913

This was Walch’s 9th series of coloured postcards to be printed by C.G. Röder of Leipzig, Germany, and the 3rd series to be explicitly labelled “Tasman Series”. The earlier series were:


1905  B-24000

1905  Series G-1906

1906  Series G

1907  Series 119,000

1907  Series 120,000

1908  Tasman Series 1908

1909  Tasman Series 1909

1910  Series 207,000


Series Content:  There were 40 cards in the series, which made up a full sheet of printing.  The cards are numbered, with the numbers assigned by the printer given below, (where I know them). C.G. Röder re-started his card numbering from 1 in 1910, so the numbers of this series are lower than of the 1909 series.


------     New Norfolk Bridge

103624  Fern Tree Bower, Hobart.

103625  Rocking Stone, Mt. Wellington.

------     Eagle Hawk Neck, Port Arthur.

103630 Hobart from the Crescent.

------     The Derwent Lighthouse, Hobart.

103632  Silver Falls, Hobart.

103626  The Post Office, Hobart.

------     Sunset near Hobart.

------     Mountain Lake, Huon Road.

------     The Water Works, Hobart.

------     The Clematis Hut.

------     Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

------     Hobart from Bellerive.

------     Sunrise near Hobart.

------     Franklin Square, Hobart.

------     Macquarie Street, Hobart.

103641  The Falls Hut.

103642  Government House, Hobart.

103643  The Pavement, Eagle Hawk Neck.

103644  Forest Hut, Hobart.

103645  Fern Tree Bower.

103646  Brown’s River Road.

103647  Huon Bridge & Picnic Hotel.

103648  Mt. Wellington from Sandy Bay.

103649  The Bend, Huon Road.

103650  Cape Raoul.

103651  River Derwent near New Norfolk.

103652  Russell Falls.

103653  Round Tower, Port Arthur.

103654  New Norfolk.

103655  Long Beach, near Hobart. (Photo post card sent)

103656  Botanical Gardens, Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

103657  Lindisfarne. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

103658  Fern Retreat, Mt. Wellington. (Photo 5½ x 3½ sent)

103659  Tasmanian Bush Scene. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

103660  Wellington Hut, near Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

103661  Sandy Bay Esplanade, Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

103662  Queens Domain, Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

103663  “Greetings from Hobart”, Post Office, Hobart.


Date Published:  The order was sent to the printer on 12 July 1913. Allowing time for printing and two months for shipping to Tasmania, the cards would have gone on sale in Tasmania in late 1913. An annotation on the London Agent’s copy of the order says “Inv. 15/9/13, 2 cases”, apparently referring to an invoice date. There are no postmark dates on  any of the cards I have.


Printing: The Series was printed by C.G. Röder of Leipzig, Germany, using their Auto-Novo process. The back layout was specified in the handwritten order to the printer (see below). There were 2,000 of each card ordered.


Number in series: 40


Identification: The imprint on the back is “The “Tasman” Series – J. W. & S., Ltd., Hobart. Printed in Germany.”.  Printers numbers are in the range 103623-103663.



History of the Series


Herbert Bishop, who was Walch’s London agent, wrote to the printer C.G. Röder on 12 July, 1913: [1]


[Page 1]


C.G. Röder

Dear Sir,


We are sending you an order for 2000 each of 40 titles in your “Auto Novo” style. The cards are to be varnished at extra cost of 11d per 1000.


Please let us have delivery as soon as possible. The Photo Post Card (No. 40) “Greetings from Hobart” we hope to be able to send you shortly.


We note your Printing Sheets contain 40 cards. Our Hobart House have not sent us good size photos as we have always specified.


We shall be glad if you will be able to produce satisfactory results from the photos sent?


Please cut up the sheets of post cards and trim as usual. Band the cards in packets of 50 (of one card).


Kindly note the alterations for the address side. Only the initials J.W. & S. Ltd are wanted not the name in full.


Please post two complete sets when ready direct to J. Walch & Sons Ltd. Hobart, Tasmania  and two sets to London Office.


& oblige, Your faithfully


[Page 2]


2,000 “Auto Novo” ungraned coloured postcards varnished each 40 subjects as

31 Coloured post cards

8 Photos

*1 Photo Post Card (“Greetings from Hobart”)

sent herewith (* to follow later)


Imprint on address side:- The “Tasman” Series J.W. & S. Ltd. Hobart Printed in Germany


The titles of the 31 cards to be the same as on the 31 Post Cards now sent. The titles of the 9 new subjects as per list herewith.


Please forward to the order of M. Eugen Roüdenburg Shipping Agent HAMBURG


[Page 3]


Titles of the 31 Post Cards sent


1. New Norfolk Bridge

2. Fern Tree Bower, Hobart.

3. Rocking Stone, Mt. Wellington.

4. Eagle Hawk Neck, Port Arthur.

5. Hobart from the Crescent.

6. The Derwent Lighthouse, Hobart.

7. Silver Falls, Hobart.

8. The Post Office, Hobart.

9. Sunset near Hobart.

10. Mountain Lake, Huon Road.

11. The Water Works, Hobart.

12. The Clematis Hut.

13. Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

14. Hobart from Bellerive.

15. Sunrise near Hobart.

16. Franklin Square, Hobart.

17. Macquarie Street, Hobart.

18. The Falls Hut.

19. Government House, Hobart.

20. The Pavement, Eagle Hawk Neck.

21. Forest Hut, Hobart.

22. Fern Tree Bower.

23. Brown’s River Road.

24. Huon Bridge & Picnic Hotel.

25. Mt. Wellington from Sandy Bay.

26. The Bend, Huon Road.

27. Cape Raoul.

28. River Derwent near New Norfolk.

29. Russell Falls.

30. Round Tower, Port Arthur.

31. New Norfolk.


[Page 4]


Titles for “Auto Novo” varnished Post Cards


1 to 31 Titles as per 31 Coloured Post Cards herewith.


32. Long Beach, near Hobart. (Photo post card sent)

33. Botanical Gardens, Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

34. Lindisfarne. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

35. Fern Retreat, Mt. Wellington. (Photo 5½ x 3½ sent)

36. Tasmanian Bush Scene. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

37. Wellington Hut, near Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

38. Sandy Bay Esplanade, Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

39. Queens Domain, Hobart. (Photo 6 x 4½ sent)

*40. “Greetings from Hobart”, Post Office, Hobart.


* The Photo Post Card for this we will send you later.


Address side to be printed as below. Chocolate colour ink preferred.

























[1] Archives Office of Tasmania NS2870/1/1 Copies of invoices and orders to suppliers in England. pp. 717-720