About Series : T.R.G. Williams Series

T.R.G. Williams was a photographer in Scottsdale for the period 1898-1910 and in Ararat, Victoria from about 1912 to 1917. He worked as a general commercial photographer taking b&w photographs.  Most of his photographs would have been printed on plain-backed photographic paper, with  a small proportion printed on postcard-backed paper.  He would have used postcard-backed printing paper in two situations:

  • When he was producing  his own postcards for sale. They were most likely sold in his own studio or in shops in Scottsdale. This type would have carried a caption handwritten on the image.
  • When printing photographs from custom photography the customer could request postcard-backed paper. In this case only a few copies would be made, and there would be no caption

Series Contents:

This series contains photographs taken by T.R.G. Williams that were printed on postcard-backed photographic paper, made either as postcards for sale or as commissioned photographs.

Date Published:

Williams worked in Scottsdale from 1898-1910, and in Ararat after that   After moving to Ararat he visited Scottsdale occasionally, advertising in the Stottsdale newpaper for photographic work.  Postcards with his Scottsdale stamp can be dated to 1898-1910,  but those with his Ararat stamp would be from 1912-1917.


All the examples I have seen are photographically printed on b&w photographic paper, no doubt in Williams' own studio.


Number in Series

Over his period as a professional photographer Williams would have produced many thousands of images, an unknown proportion of which would have been printed on postcard paper.



Williams postcards are marked on the back with "T.R.G. Williams Scottsdale" or "T.R.G. Williams Ararat". Cards are sometimes seen of views around Scottsdale in the Williams style, without specific identification. Some can be attributed to Williams by the handwriting style of the caption.