About Series : A.B.- Greens

A.B. - Greens Series


The A.B. - Greens Series was a collaboration between Ash Bester's in Hobart and Wally Green in Katoomba, NSW.


The highest numbered card is T12, suggesting there are 12 cards in the series.


There is no information on the printer or the date of publication, but the subjects suggest they were produced in the 1950s.


Jeff Bester told me in 2012 that Wally Green was a friend of his father, Bob Bester, through business. Green was a photographer but was also in the souvenir business in Katoomba. One of the things Jeff Bester did when he first started work in his fathers shop, around 1951, was to go round their customers - pharmacies, souvenir shops and other merchants -  and supply them with post cards and souvenirs - ash trays, butter dishes, rulers with pictures on them - "a lot of which were supplied by Wally Green".