About Series : Series A - 20,000

Starting  in 1900, and up to 1904, J. Walch and Sons did not specifically name the series of their cards.  From 1905 onwards they named the series alphabetically, from Series A to Series J. After Series J they adopted the name Tasman Series, but used it inconsistently.


Series B to Series J cards are common, but Series A cards are rare. I have seen only one design, the Map of Tasmania, and only one specimen of that.


The full series name printed on the back of the card is Series A.-20,000. In later series, such as B-24,000, the number after the letter is the number of cards printed; in Series B, there were 12 views and 2,000 of each were printed. (See that series for more detailed explanation).  This suggests that there were, or was intended to be, 20,000 cards printed in Series A. This could have been 2,000 each of 10 views, or 20,000 of one view, or some other combination.  Walch's normally printed 2,000 or 3,000 of each card, or 5,000 for the popular Post Office card. If 20,000 were printed of one card it would be the most common of Walch cards. The Map card is fairly uncommon, making it certain that 20,000 were not printed.  But I have seen no other cards of Series A.    Whether there were more designs intended that were never produced we do not know; further investigation is needed.


Series Contents: Only one design is known in the series.


Date Published: Series A was most likely commissioned before Series B-24,000, which was announced for sale in February 1905. The Series A card  is a divided back card; divided back cards were not permitted until 1905. These dates in combination make the most likely date for Series A publication to be 1905.


Printing: The Map of Tasmania card was printed by lithography.  It is identified on the front as  "J. Walch & Sons Hobart"  which I take to identify the designer and/or the printer.   We know that Walch's had letterpress equipment in their Hobart print shop, but whether or not they had lithography equipment as well is not known. Further investigation is required to confirm that this card was produced in Walch's Hobart printery.