About Series : Coat-of-Arms Series

This is a series of the coat-of-arms of the six Australian states that were federated to form the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901. The series was probably printed in recognition of the event.


Series Contents: The advertisement shown below is from the Melbourne newspaper The Argus, of 9 November, 1901. In the secion about this series it says " ... containing the arms of the six states, with 12 pictorial views". This may mean 12 views of each state or 12 in total, but as I already have seen three of Tasmania, it probaly means 12 of each state.


Date Published: Before 9 November, 1901.


Printing: The pictures were printed by halftone and the surrounding decoration by line block. There is no mention on the cards of the name of the printer, but Robert Jolley was working in collaboration with Osboldstone & Attkins at this period.