About Series : Souvenir from Tasmania

This is an undivided-back series of cards published  by Robert Jolley in late 1902. Cards were produced for each state, carrying the title "Souvenir from Victoria", "Souvenir from South Australia", "Souvenir from Tasmania", etc.


The layout of the cards is quite complex. There is either one, two or three pictures per card, and the size and postion of these pictures varies somewhat. The pictures are bordered with a heavy bronze band, and outside that a colour band of green, yellow or salmon. Each card seems to have been designed individually, as I can see no correlation between number of pictures, their size and placement, and colour of the border.


Series Contents:  I don't yet know the extent of the series. 


Date Published: The earliest postmark date seen for the Tasmanian cards is December 31, 1902. Most of the cards with legible postmarks were used early  in 1903.


Printing: There is no direct evidence, but these were probably printed by Osboldstone & Attkins, of Melbourne. This is based on the fact that Attkins designed, and probably printed,  Jolley's first series of cards, the Multishape Series.