About Series : 13. Real Photo Series

This is a series of real photographic prints that  follows on from the 'Real Photo M' series. In this new series the numbers are just plain integers, with no M preceding. However, the caption has been rearranged.  In the Real Photo M series, the view name was at the start of the caption line, but in this series the words "Valentine Series No. xxx" starts the line, and the view name  is at the end.


Series Contents: The series has views  of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, with Victorian cards being the most common and WA cards scarce.   Card numbers apparently start from 1, with the highest number I have seen being  4531.


Date Published:  This series came after the Real Photo M cards. The only dates I have seen are in 1940 and 1941.


Printing: As with the Real Photo M cards, this series is standard black & white photographic prints that were printed for Valentine’s by the Rose Stereograph Company, of Armadale, Melbourne, Victoria.  The history of the Rose company, including details of the photographic printing process, was described by Ron Blum in his book George Rose The Postcard Era (Published by the author, Oaklands Park, South Australia, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9589572-4-3)


Identification: The back of some cards in this series is the same as for the Real Photo M series, but there are other variants.  The publisher’s attribution on the back is quite variable. It can be:

Published by the Valentine Publishing Co Pty Ltd, Queens St Melb

Valentines Post Card

Valentine Publishing Co, Melbourne & Sydney