About Series : 14. Halftone Series

This is a series of cards printed by the halftone process - examination with a lens will show the regular pattern of dots. The photo numbers on the front are only three digits. The early Valentine cards had five digit numbers, and the later ones numbers in the 300,000 range, so this series is unusual in this respect.


Series Contents: Negative numbers run from 352-424 in the cards I have seen, plus 300.113. This suggests there are at least 72 in the series, but I don't know if this is just Tasmania or all states.


Date Published: None of the cards I have seen are dated, but I think they were produced about 1920 or a bit later, judging from the cars and the three-masted ship in Constitution Dock. The Bellerive to Sorell train terminus was still in Kangaroo Bay.

Printing: These cards were printed by halftone, in Great Britain, it says on the back. They are on a heavier than usual, fawn card.


Identification: Recognisable by the fawn card and the halftone printing.