About Series : 16. Real Photo V Series

This is a long series of real photographic print postcards. There were two earlier series of real photographic cards, called the Real Photo M Series and the Real Photo Series, so this is called the Real Photo V Series for consistency.


Series Contents:  In this series there are cards for Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. I have not seen any WA cards. All the cards have a V number, perhaps standing for Valentine.  There is more than one cards with the same number in each state, so I think there is a series for each town or region, with cards starting from V1 for each.


Date Published: I have seen about 10 postmarked cards, with dates ranging from 25 May, 1951 up to 29 Nov 1956.


Printing: These are standard black and white photographic prints. There is no indication of the printer. They have a different type of caption to the earlier series printed for Valentine by the Rose Stereograph company, so were probably not printed by them.


Identification: There are several different back layouts, but the cards can easily be placed in this series by the front design and numbering.