About Series : 18. Real Photo 1955 Series

This is a short series of real photographic print postcards, some of which have been hand coloured. This is the 4th series of Valentine’s real photographic cards. These are, with dates published:

Real Photo M Series               1920’s

Real Photo Series                    1940’s

Real Photo V                           Early 1950’s

Real Photo 1955 Series           Mid 1950’s


Series Contents:  I have only seen Tasmanian cards in this series; there may be other states, but I have not seen them.  Cards are numbered on the front right in typewriter font; I have seen numbers 2-44.


Date Published: The only date I have seen is 18 August 1955, so it seems likely that this series came after the Real Photo V Series of the early 1950s.


Printing: These are standard black and white photographic prints, some hand coloured. On the back it says they were printed in Gt. Britain.


Identification: There is a caption on the front left, in small capitals, and a card number on the front right.  On the back they have :”Valentine’s Post Card” above a twin globe symbol.