About Series : 19. Terry Turle Series

This is a series of cards from photographs taken by Terry Turle, apparently commissioned by Wrest Point Hotel.  Turle was a Hobart photographer who went by the professional name of Lloyd Buchanan. He moved to Melbourne and operated in business as Lloyd Buchanan Photography.


Series Contents:  .The cards that are known, from the Tasmanian Philatelic Bulletin Board and other sources, are:


12        Insignia Main Entrance Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart

15        Mt Nelson & Mooring from Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart

16        Mt Wellington & Sandy Bay from Wrest Point Hotel

17        Constitution Dock and Mt Wellington, Hobart

18        Ferry Quay & Moorings, Hobart

19        The swimming pool, Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart, Tas.

21        Wrest Point Hotel, Sandy Bay, Tas.

22        Wrest Point Hotel Gardens and Mt Nelson, Hobart, Tas

23        Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart, Tas


Date Published: The dates I have from postmarks are 29 Dec 1957,  10 March 1958 and 13 Oct 1959.


Printing: These are standard black and white photographic prints. There is no indication of the printer, but the cards have a standard Valentine’s back.  


Identification: They have “Terry Turle Photo” on the front of the cards.