About Series : 20. Gold Oval Series

To be in chronological order by series, this series should have come straight after "1. 48,000 Series".


This is a series of views in gold oval frames, decorated with elaborate flower arrangements.  They used the same images as the 48,000 Series. See the “About Series” notes for details.


Series Contents: I don’t know how many cards are in the series. The view numbers in the 48,000 range are 48656 – 48689, so if all these were used there would be 33 different cards.


Date Published: The used cards that I have seen have postmark dates in 1908.


Printing:   The printing method is the same as for the 48,000 Series - multicolour photolithography, with a black halftone layer superimposed.


Identification: “Valentine’s Series” appears on the back, along the left margin.