About Series : Real Photo

 I have grouped together here all of Beattie’s real photo cards produced over a long period, from 1909 to about 1960.  They vary in format; some have a caption, some don’t, and there is no systematic numbering. Those lacking a caption are barely postcards, only qualifying because they are printed on postcard-back printing paper.


It is difficult to date these cards.  When Beattie started in business he took over the existing Anson Studio, gaining access to an existing library of photographs.  It is impossible to tell whether a view on a postcard came from the Anson material or from a photo taken by Beattie.  In a few cases the subject allows the photo to be dated, but the date of production of the card, which may be long after the photograph was taken, is usually not known.  As most of the cards are unused there is no help from postmark dates.


I have only included a small selection of Beattie’s real photo postcards here. There seems to be a large number of them, but to catalog them would essentially be to catalog Beattie’s photographic library and photographic output, which is not the purpose of this website.


Date published: The earliest postmark date I have seen is 1909, so I have taken that as the start date of the series.


Printing: These cards are real photographic prints.


Number in Series: unknown, but large.


Identification: The cards are identified on the back as J.W. Beattie, or Beattie Studio.