About Series : Wynphotoprint Series

This was Selwyn Cox's main series of b&w cards, with usage dates between 1905 and 1910. They were printed by the large German printer Stengel & Co, of Dresden, using photographs supplied by Cox. Cox advertised them as Tasmanian views, making no mention that they were produced in Germany (as were most other Tasmanian cards of the period).  There is some variation in the layout of the backs of the cards, indicating that several print runs were involved, probably spread over a few years.


The numbering and identification in the series is a bit erratic. Many card show the Selwyn Cox diamond-shaped logo of S over C, but it is not always present. Many cards have Selwyn Cox's number beside the logo, but it is not always present.  Some cards have a very small number starting with A, in script, written into the image, but again this is not always present.  It appears that this number was applied by the printer during preparation of the image for printing. 


Date Published: 1905-1910. Selwyn Cox started his business in 1905, and advertised his postcards in newspapers from that date. Usage dates on the cards are from 1905 up to 1910.


Printing: The cards of this series were printed by collotype, by Stengel & Co, of Dresden, Germany. Although the printer's name is not shown on the cards, evidence on the cards indicates Stengel as the printer. This is indicated by the style of the caption, the layout of the card back, and the presence of hidden numbers - small numbers such as A10636, in very small script, written somewhere in the image, all of which are typical of Stengel cards.

A few of the cards - numbers 583-590 - differ from most of the series by having a textured surface with shading and oval image shape. I have seen a sample card printed by C.G. Roder in this style, so these may have been printed by him rather than Stengel & Co. But Stengel was capable of printing cards in many styles, according to their advertising, so the matter is unresolved.


Number in Series: Several hundred.  The largest number I have seen in the normal cards is 175, but the textured surface cards are numbered 583-590.


Identification: The cards are identified on the back as Wynphotoprint Series.