About Series : Wynchrome Series

This is small series of coloured cards printed by photolithograohy by Stengel & Co of Dresden, Germany in 1910.


These cards have the usual Selwyn Cox diamond logo on the front, but some of them show "Len Wilkinson, Post Card Depot Launceston" on the back. I am regarding these cards as published by Selwyn Cox for Len Wilkinson.


Date Published: Usage dates on two of the cards are 1910.


Printing: Printing was by colour lithography over a black collotype base layer.


Number in Series:  Unknown. I have seen less than a dozen cards.


Identification: These are identified as the Wynchrome Series by the imprint on the back of the cards.


Numbering: As well as the Selwyn Cox number beside the logo, some cards have a very small number starting with A, in script, written into the image.  It appears that this number was applied by the printer during preparation of the image for printing.