About Series : Pictorial Postcard Co.

The Pictorial Postcard Co. appears to have been a wholesale arm of the Selwyn Cox business. The name Selwyn Cox does not appear on the cards, but his logo of SC in a diamond does appear. Newspaper advertisements appeared in 1910 and 1911 offering wholesale cards, with a grand closing sale in 1911 (eg Daily Telegraph (Launceston) 26 January, 1911 p.8.)


Date Published: 1910-1911


Number in Series: Unknown


Printing: The b&w cards are printed by collotype, and the coloured cards have a collotype base layer and coloured layers applied by photolithography. They were printed by Stengel & Co, Dresden, Germany.


Numbering: Most cards show Selwyn Cox's number, usually less than 200, beside his logo on the front of the card. In addition, some show a printer's number such as A7504, in very small script, somewere in the image.