About Series : Unattributed Series

This is a series of cards published by Selwyn Cox in Launceston.  The cards are not identified as by him on the back, do not carry his logo of SC in a diamond on the front, and do not have one of his numbers beside the logo. But they have the same layout as his other series, and are printed by the same printer (Stengel & Co).  Why they carry no identification of Selwyn Cox is unclear.  They may have been produced  without identification for sale to another dealer, or they might just have been printed without giving instructions to the printer of what was to be printed on the back.

Publication Date: 1908-1911


Number in Series: Unknown


Production:  The cards were printed by Stengel & Co, of Dresden, Germeny.  The b&w cards were printed by collotype, and the coloured cards by photolithography over a black collotype layer.


Numbering: These cards do not carry a Selwyn Cox number, but some have a very small number in script somewhere in the image. This is a printers number, applied during the printing process.