About Series : Subscript "a" Series

Subscript “a” Series


There are eleven different series of McVilly & Little cards, each with their own distinctive front and back layout.  A summary of these, with publication dates, is given at the end of the "About the Publisher" section.


This series is called Subscript "a" because the card numbers all have an 'a' subscript.

Printer: All the cards of this series have the letters 'NGTT'  in the stamp box. This is a code used by the printer Emil Pinkau of Leipzig, Saxony

Date: The NGTT code indicates the cards were produced before 1914.  The earliest postmark I have seen on cards of this series is March 1914, and the latest is 1928.

Number in Series: Cards numbers go from 1a to 21a


An example of the back of a Subscript 'a' Series card is shown below. The identifying features are:

  • Card number is on the back of the card in the text along the left edge. eg "McV. & L. No. 9a  Printed in Saxony"
  • Printers code NGTT in the stamp box
  • "POST CARD" in a slender sans serif font.
  • Caption on front of card in black upright sans serif font, or in italic white