About Series : McV. & L. Series

McV. & L. Series

There are eleven different series of McVilly and Little cards. A summary of these, with publication dates, is given at the end of the "About the Publisher" section.


This series is named the "McV. & L. Series" because that is the series name printed on the cards. There is another series with a similar name, the "M. & L. Series", but the two series are quite different.


Printer: Emil Pinkau & Co, Leipzig, Saxony. The front image was printed by black letterpress halftone over red, yellow and blue lithography.

Although the printer is not identified on the cards, it can be deduced by the following:

  • The backs of the cards are identical to the Subscript "a" series, except for the font used for "POST CARD". The Subscript "a" series are identified as Pinkau cards by the code NGTT in the stanp box.
  • The layout of the backs is the same as that of the M&L series map cards, such as no. 76, which are known to have been printed by Pinkau. See the introduction to the M&L series for details.

Date: Produced between 1911 and 1912. The earliest postmark date I have seen for these is February 1913.

Number in Series: I have cards numbered 6 to 83.


The back of a card is shown below.

  • The card number is on the back, in the text along the left edge. Eg “McV. & L. Series No. 10  Printed in Saxony"
  • There is no printer's code in the stamp box and no printer's number at the bottom right on the back.
  • On the back, "POST CARD" is in a simple serif font.
  • The caption is on the front in black or white italics, or in one case (no. 53) in red italics.