About Series : Series 133,000

Series 133,000

There are eleven different series of McVilly & Little cards, each with their own distinctive front and back layout. A summary of these, with publication dates, is given at the end of the "About the Publisher" section.


This series is called "Series 133,000" because the printer numbers on the back of the cards are in the 133,000s.


Cards in this series have the same layout as the Series 93,000 and Series 99,000 cards.


Some of the cards in this series are reprints from the Series 69,000, Series 93,000 or Series 99,000.


 Printer: Cards in this series were printed by a combination of collotype and lithography by C.G. Röder of Leipzig, Germany, in 1907. For information on the printing date of C.G. Röder cards, see Note 1.


Date: Printed in 1907


Number in Series: Cards I have seen are in the range133,569 - 133,601, but the range is probably wider. 




An example of the back of one of this series is given below. The identifying features are:

  • Back of card printed in green with the words "POST CARD" in a medium sized serif font at the top.
  • Printer's number at bottom right
  • Along the left margin "Published by McVilly & Little, Hobart, Tasmania"
  • Stamp box dotted, with "Printed in Germany" inside it.
  • Dividing line between correspondence and address area on back is a double line. 


Note 1: The printing dates and numbering of C.G. Röder cards are discussed in this reference:

Webber, George. (2003) "C.G. Röder 1901 to 1944" The Postcard Album 20: 28-31.    (The Postcard Album is published by Helmfried Luers, Gartenstr. 14, 26180 Rastede, Germany. No ISSN. Email: TPA-Luers@t-online.de)