About Series : Monochrome Series

Monochrome Series


There are eleven series of McVilly & Little cards, published overe the period 1905 - 1914. A summary of these, with publication dates, is given at the end of the "About the Publisher" section.


The Monochrome Series is a group of  poor quality blank and white cards. Although they have 'McV. & L. Series' in the stamp box, their layout is different to any of the other series.


There is no information about the printer or the publication date of these cards. The ones I have seen are:

   Bridge at Huonville

   Huon River

   Huon River at Franklin

   Old Church Ruions Port Arthur

   Tasman Arch

   The Esplanade New Norfolk


 The poor quality of these cards compared with the McVilly & Little high quality coloured cards suggests that these were an early trial entry into the postcard market.


The identifying features are:

  • Front printed in fuzzy halftone in black and white.
  • Cards have no individual numbers.
  • The identification 'McV. AND L. SERIES'  is in the stamp box on the back..