About Series : Tasmanian Series

This is a small series of views published by the Melbourne firm W.T. Pater & Co.

Photographer: Unknown

Manufacture: These were printed in Germany by multilayer lithography, with a black halftone layer superimposed. Manufacture date was about 1907, judging from the earliest postmark date I have seen, and the fact that W.T. Pater went out of business about that year.  The printing method was different to those of Pater's other Tasmanian series, the Laura Davey paintings, which were printed in Australia by halftone.

Number in Series: Unknow.

Identification: They cards have the W.T. Pater & Co logo  - the letters 'WTP' in a diamond - on the centre top of the address side.

Remarks: The number of spelling erorrs in the captions of these cards is notable e.g. 'Goot.' instead of 'Govt.', and 'Bomer' instead of 'Bower'.