About Series : Impressed Series

This is a series of cards with a wide white margin and the coloured image impressed.  The impressed area is of two sizes; 119 mm wide and 104 mm wide. Whether these two sizes were from printings at different times and issued as separate series remains to be determined when more dates are available.


Printer:  Although the printer is not identified on the cards, I think they are printed by Emil Pinkau, Leipzig, Germany, as are the McVilly & Little cards produced after 1910.

The printing technology is three layers of irregular dots in red, yellow and blue laid down in three passes through the press, with a black collotype layer on top.  This is the same structure used for the more elaborate cards of the M&L series (cards numbers 69-78).  The back layout is also the same as in this group.  


Date: The earliest postmark date is 26 November, 1908.


Number in Series: Seems to be less than a dozen.



Front: Impressed image with white border.  Caption on the bottom, well removed from the image, in red capitals.

Back: Back printed in reddish brown, with POST CARD in moderate sized serif font. Only some of the cards have “Published by McVilly & Little, Hobart” along the left edge.  This back layout is the same as the M&L Series cards, numbers 69-78.