About Series : Numbered Series

This is a series of cards with a number and caption in red print at the bottom of the picture side. There are both black & white and coloured cards in the series.

Printer:  Although the printer is not identified on the cards, I think they were printed by Emil Pinkau, Leipzig, Germany, as are the other McVilly & Little cards produced after 1910.

The black & white cards were printed by collotype and the coloured cards  by photolithography. The photolithographic process involved printing three layers of irregular dots in red, yellow and blue in three passes through the press, and then a black collotype layer on top to provide emphasis.  This is the same structure used for the more elaborate cards of the M&L series (cards numbers 69-78).  The back layout is also the same as in this group. 


Date: The earliest postmark date is February 1910.


Number in Series: Numbers go up to 14; there are black & white and coloured versions with the same number in some cases. The cards I have seen are:

1. Hobart looking west showing Mount Stewart

2. Hobart looking south

4. Macquarie St., Hobart.

5. Liverpool St., Hobart. (Coloured and B&W versions)

6. Collins St Hobart

11. Post Office & Franklin Square Hobart  (Coloured and B&W versions)

12. Tasman Arch Eagle Hawk Neck

13. Clematis Hut, in map.  (Coloured and B&W versions)

14. Gov: House Hobart in map  (Coloured and B&W versions)


Identification:   Front: Picture with caption below in red capitals.  Back: Printed in reddish brown, ‘POST CARD’ in a medium sized serif font. ‘Published by McVilly & Little, Hobart.” Along the left margin.