About Series : Series F-1905

Series content and date published: This is a series of only two cards, with lithographed illustrations of Tasmanian flora.  The only information that I have found about them is in an advertisement in Walch's Literary Intelligencer of November 1905:


A pair of Coloured Tasmanian Floral Cards. Facsimile of hand painted groups of flowers. The pair, SIXPENCE. Postage, one penny.


There is no information about the artist.


I have seen about 10 examples of these two cards, but only one has an imprint on the back which identifies them as Series F-1905.  This example is shown below.


The only postmark date I have seen is 14 July 1907.


Printing: Printed by multiple colour lithography. printer unknown.


Number in Series: 2


Identification: These cards are very distinctive. They both have a caption "Tasmania's Flora" on the front.  On the back there is an elaborate heading, with a small picture of Hobart from Bellerive within a circle on the top left, and other floral embellishment. 'Series F-1905' is printed along the left margin of one example. This is in a different coloured ink to most of the back printing, suggesting it was added later.