About Series : Series 120,000

This is a group of six sunrise and sunset photos.


Series Content:
120170            Sunrise near Hobart
120171            Sunset near Hobart
120172            Sunrise on the Derwent (a)
120173            Sunrise on the Derwent (b)
120174            Sunrise on the Derwent (c)
120175            Sunrise on the Derwent (d)
Date Published: The proofs were approved in London on April 14, 1907. Allowing for shipping to Hobart, they probably went on sale in the second half of 1907.  The earliest postmark date I have seen is 16 October, 1907.
Printing: The series was printed by C.G. Röder, Leipzig, Germany, by photolithography. Röder printed the coloured image and the caption on the front of the cards and everything on the back. The cards were printed 30 to a sheet which were cut up in Germany and shipped in packs of 50. There were 2,500 of each printed.
Number in Series: Six
Series Identification: The cards are identified on the back by ‘J. Walch & Sons, Wellington Bridge, Hobart.’ but there is no series specified. The card numbers are in the range 120170-120175.
History of the Series
Two of these cards – ‘Sunrise near Hobart’ and ‘Sunset near Hobart’ - were ordered from the printer as part of the Series 119,000 cards [1]. But they were set aside because there were two cards too many to fit on a printing sheet for the Series 119,000. Walch’s then added four more sunsets and the six were printed later, with printer’s numbers in the 120,000 series.

[1] Archives Office of Tasmania NS2870/1/14 Copies of invoices and orders to suppliers in England [& Germany] 1907 pp. 444-456.