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Ottmar Zieher was a large German publisher that produced a wide variety of cards, including some with representations of postage stamps. As described by David Cook in Picture Postcards in Australia, "Ottmar Zieher produced an extensive series of cards covering, it is believed, every nation or state in the world which issued its own stamps. .. it would be possible, though very difficult, to accumulate a full collection  of the world's stamps of the period before World War I by collecting these Zieher issues".


Zieher produced cards showing the stamps of every Australian state, including Tasmania.  The cards are arranged with the stamps in an arc , allowing space for a local photograph to be placed in the centre of the card.  Some cards appear with a photo in place, while many have the position for the photo left blank.


There are several printings of these cards.  Some are identified as published by Ottmar Zieher in Germany, but another printing is identified as The V.S.M. Series  along the left margin on the back.  VSM stands for Victoria Stamp Market, a prominent postcard publisher in Melbourne who was apparently acting as Australian agent for distributing the cards.